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Phonegap – Photocopier for firefox/HTML5 apps

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While developing a HTML5 app for firefox OS, I just tried the same HTML code with phonegap and the output was an ANDROID app.

CORDOVA a name known to almost all app developer. The software underlying PhoneGap is Cordova.  So this is just an effort to create an android app from HTML code in easiest way I could guess ( Just creating the cloud build).


  1. App code updated on Github
  2. Phonegap account


Update your code on a github repo (click to know how to create one) and once updated get the repo link

github linkOnce you get the link, Now login to your phonegap account and create a new app

clickNow get ready to roll the dice. paste your github repo link in given space

clickme2The code is imported in a while

click3Now just fill in the required details and click Ready to build. Finally sit back and let the magic happen.

click4Finally the apk is ready to be downloaded.


We can also create a config.xml file and update it within our code to meet several aspects, such as plugins, name space, icons, etc.

In addition, phonegap avails a number of plugins to delight of the app developer, such as native share, push notifications, camera APIs, splash-screen and many more.

So guys, any suggestions, queries are heartily welcomed and feel free to shoot them in comments.



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