Marketplace day Jaipur – Planning



  • Marketplace Day is a full day or over night event completely focused on code-contribution for Firefox Marketplace. 

  • Marketplace Day Jaipur is an event being organized under a series of pilot events to come up with a concrete format of Marketplace Day events. 

While  Mozilla India  task force meetup 2015, we introduced Market Place  Taskforce. The primary agenda of this taskforce is to promote  marketplace and add more and more contributors for the same. In this  flow we will be organizing marketplace days in various regions of  India, so to start with we are moving to MCR which comprises of  enthusiastic contributors.


The MCR has been proving its potential right from its birth and this event will surely give them another level to their contributions. The marketplace contributions are still in a nascent stage and this event will surely boost up the contributions and help the contributors to kick  start contributions to marketplace instantly.


* Anyone who is interested to join The Awesome Firefox Marketplace Community.
* We will cover lot of things which are pre-requisite for code-base contribution to open source projects. So if you are looking for getting started with code-base contribution, this is the best chance :)
Want to know more check this.

MCR SIGs – Special Interest Groups

By now every one of us has a decent idea what exactly SIGs are (in case you want to know more click here) .  So today we are finalizing the proposed SIGs as follows:

  • L10n SIG
  • Webmaker SIG
  • App Dev SIG
  • SuMo SIG
  • CodeBase SIG
  • WoMoz SIG
  • Engagement SIG (umbrella covering all mentors of SIG)

Various SIGs have been proposed, and very common SIG requested was of community building. So instead of creating a new SIG we propose Engagement SIG  which comprises of mentors of all other SIG.

So these are the SIGs which will help, track, promote the contributions in their respective areas. Each SIG will have one or more mentors who will be having following responsibilities and privileges.


  • Engaging more and more contributors
  • Assisting them in case of any issues.
  • Pass them all necessary information and aware mentees about all opportunities
  • Track the progress of their mentees and eventually help them to get proper recognition.
  • Documenting the progress.
  • Awarding the deserving mentee with proper recognition monthly.


  • Eligible for a cool SIG Mentor T-Shirt (the first thing came in my mind :P)
  • Special recognition as mentor on various channels.
  • Member of the Engagement SIG
  • Can request swags/budget and  respective rep will avail them (subject to several conditions).
  • And yes few more surprises !!!

By the end of this week we will be having our very first SIG mentors. To be one of them fill the form here.

PS : The only eligibility required to be a SIG mentor is one should be a mozillian contributor (in any vertical).

In case of any further query feel free to ping

Trishul []

Ram []


MozIgnite @ Bhatkal

This was one of my first workshops in the south India region as an organizer-cum-speaker and also one of the most memorable one too.

The department of computer Science and Information Science AITM, Bhatkal under its FOCI banner conducted the event Mozignite’15 on 4th and 5th of April 2015. It was first the event by Mozilla in the Mangaluru region. We (Trishul Goel, Abraar Sayeed, Sandesh Gade) traveled all the way from Bangalore to Bhatkal, to meet an extremely enthusiastic crowd.

The event initiated with welcoming Director, HOD, Vice principal and chief guest( yey thats ME :) ) . Then I explained the attendees what we are going to do in these 2 days and why  they need to attend this. Then Abraar explained them about open-source and Mozilla mission. Followed by Me explaining what is web and how one can get involved in web making using the webmaker tools. The attendees were readily participating in the session. And after the lunch break we moved to the labs, to get some hands on action.

In the labs we explained the different web maker tools (Thimble, Popcorn, X-Ray Goggles, AppMaker). And students actually started to remix the makes then and there.Just a snapshot of students efforts is here .

So we wrapped the day one with lot of energy for next day. Day 2 was for Appmaker. We started the session directly in the labs. And Students were damn excited about AppMaker. As they were actually going to make a web app. And they were literally overjoyed one they actually created and installed an APP. After lunch w explained various contribution verticals to them where they can actually start contributing to Mozilla (AoA, SUMO, L10n, Codebase etc.)

After this they management gave us vote of thanks and an unforgettable memento. And hence the workshop concluded with lots of hope and dreams.


DSC04290DSC04606 DSC04523 DSC04415 DSC04402 DSC04378 DSC04314


























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KidzShine – followUp of MCR anniversary event

In January we celebrated MCR anniversary, where several new volunteers joined our team. We trained them and had a clear agenda to spread the awesomeness.

20150401092533(1)In this series very first response came from Jodhpur, where Veeksha Jain took the responsibility to arrange a maker party for school kids in Jodhpur. She prepared her team and coordinated with the school which readily welcomed them.

The dates were finalized and arrangements were made.

On the day filled with enthusiasm our team went to the venue and started the session. The kids were overjoyed by the session where our team explained them what exactly web is and how to be a webmaker.

The kids were actively participating in the session and grasping the given knowledge. The kids even tried their hands on the webmaker tools. And they actually loved the popcorn \o/ .20150401092536

So now the time was for question and answers, in which kids shot all their queries which obviously included, when will be the next workshop :) Also we were surprised to know that actually students know about Firefox OS and then our team demoed the devices.

And yes this was followed by swag distribution and official closing ceremony of the event.

Kids giving their shot on the webmaker tools

Kids giving their shot on the webmaker tools










Our team then left the place leaving back kids filled with confidence and enthusiasm.


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MCR Wingdings

Done with one of the biggest Mozilla event in Rajasthan MCR Wingdings. So it was a two day event and both days were more than awesome.










The day before the showDown was even memorable. All the Mozillians throughout the Rajasthan and few from Madhya Pradesh gathered to celebrate the MCR anniversary.

The day went gathering the attendees and preparations for the show Day.

We all were too excited and ideas were being poured from every nook and corner.

The day finally came 24th Januaury. The Mozillians gathered in the venue – Sheesha Lounge.

The day started with formal introduction of attendees and the volunteer. This specific event did not have any volunteer or rather I can quote it like “Every one was a volunteer”. As in every one has a specific task to complete. RAM explained the journey of Mozilla Community Rajasthan. Why we came together and what exactly we are projecting at. The attendees then gave an insight what they feel about MCR and what they are expecting. 


After a quick round of tea and snacks the sprints began.

The attendees took their positions and started the sprint. Parallel sprints idea was a hit. Parallel sprints helped us to save time and ensure the productivity.

IMG_20150124_164326 IMG_20150124_145804IMG_20150124_135116IMG_20150124_164416IMG_20150124_164524

By the end of the day with help of continuous efforts of all volunteers we wrapped up the event with handsome contributions.
Few are listed below


The webmaker_HI project moved from 83% to 98% completion .


45 Makes were made during the day including thimble, popcorn and appmaker. Best of which was of Bhavika and Alok (New Mozillian from Arya College)


More than 50 apps were demoed in the event (approx 30 of which were of MCR members :) ) The demos depicted various web technologies used in app-dev as Jquery Mobile, Indexed DB, JSON, Ajax, Camera APIs, vibration APIs etc. These demos gave users new horizons to experiment upon.

Inspired by these the attendees created and submitted 5 apps to the market place. Best of which was of Twinkle Chawla (New Mozillian from Arya College)


Ram and Rajrohit explained the version control system GIT & MERCURIAL, explained gaia and the deployment profiles.



IMG_20150124_175348Prachi (one of the most awesome womoz member of MCR) took the womoz session and explained the female attendees hat exactly is womoz and what is its significance. Prachi explained her and her womoz team journey and achievements.

Finally came time for some swag and prize distribution.


Raspberry PI and Arduino

Yes we also had an awesome demonstration of Raspberry PI and Arduino. All thanks to our junior champ Dipesh Monga. He explained all about the mini computer and also demoed the led control by arduino.


With his our day 1 came to end.


Day 2 started at 12:00 Am 25th January (Yes HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MCR)


Now the whole night went into celebrations and chitchat.

The day started with quick round of discussions and planning for the new year.

We got an overwhelming response from MITS volunteers, Bits Pilani volunteers, and other colleges from and near Jaipur. We shared all the success stories and all the hurdles faced by us in the year. We can actually feel that the bar has been raised and we had new stones to turn.










We had planned various events and workshops in this year on the day 2.

In addition on the MCR anniversary Mozilla gifted one more REP to MCR => OSHO PARTH (Much awaited and much deserving).

And after the discussions and Q n A again celebration time.

Thank You

Special thanks to Faye Tandog(My awesome mentor  \o/ ) and Emma Irwin.



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MCR wingdings – why you should attend

After an intensive discussion and round of google hangouts, the action plan has been finalized for the event.

This will be a metrices driven event. In simple words there are only two agendas of this event

  • Complete the mentioned metrices
  • Celebrate the Anniversary

This event will let the attendees to gain keen knowledge of different contribution verticals of Mozilla by the people who are already expert in respective zone.

The attendees will have complete freedom to experiment, explore and know each and every Mozilla project. They will have people who can clear their doubts and explain any and everything in the best possible way.

The attendees will start contributing then and there amidst number of fellow Mozilians and mentors.

This event will unite all the Mozillians throughout the region and will bind them to a single cause DO GOOD.

By the end of session each attendee will gain enough knowledge which will make him/her ready to spread the web literacy and awesomeness.

This event will surely make a big mark in history of MCR, make sure you are one of the reason for it :)

MCR Anniversary 2015 – first look

Mozilla Community Rajasthan has been contributing to Mozilla enormously and with each upcoming day MCR has been growing. Previously we crossed a milestone in MiniCamp Jaipur and now we are aspiring to raise the bar for ourselves. This  event will bring together all the current contributors in the region and nearby places where they can share their stories, problems, achievements and yes contribute then and there itself. Along with current contributors we are also inviting all those who are interested to know about Mozilla, and looking forward to on board many new contributors in this event.

The MCR Wingdings mainly focuses on .. Celebration, Growth, Contribution & Planning.

  • Its time to celebrate with a bang :
    ‘Time to appreciate the work done by the community in last year.’
    We will be celebrating the successful completion of first year of Mozilla Community Rajasthan. It will be the time to meet all awesome people with whom you worked in last year, share your stories, learn from them, teach them & have lot of fun. We will look back in the last year and see what all good work we did, and appreciate all the community members.
    Along with this we will also be celebrating the successful launch of Firefox OS in India. We are already working on a huge Firefox OS Awareness campaign in Rajasthan ( & in January this campaign will in on its peak, and a special attraction of this event.
  • Time to grow even bigger :
    ‘Time to bring all experts under one roof, so that newbies can learn & get inspired.’
    We keep on-boarding new members throughout the year, and in this event too we have something special for all newbies. In the event, we are expecting to on-board many new contributors. This event will have special sessions for all newbies. We will brief them about all the contributions verticals, we will let them meet all cool people from whom they can learn a lot & get motivated. With this event we want to increase our community’s strength by giving responsibilities to the next generation people.
  • Time for Sprint of Sprints :
        Time to open the Terminal – “Doing good is part of our code”
         This event is not just to celebrate what we did in last year, this is also to show that we are gonna do much more work this year, and this event itself will be a great time to kick start the great work. We will arrange various sprints, including night-long event, to kick start the contributions in new year and in a nutshell what we are aiming to achieve is at least 10% of previous year contributions in two days itself.
  • Keep doing the awesome work : 
        ‘Time to plan another awesome year, lets make great action plans for this year.’
        This event is not just to celebrate what we did in last year, this is also make sure that we do much more work this year. We will have lot of brainstorming sessions to make more impact. Mentors & contributors of different contribution verticals will share their experience and we will make the action plans for this year.
Tentative Schedule
Day 1 – 
Sessions for all attendees
  • Welcome session
  • Open Source Session
  • Mozilla, its Mission, Products & Community
  • How to contribute in Open Source Projects
  • Firefox OS **
  • Get involved in FSA Program **
  • QA Session
Sprint time (Parallel sprints)
  • Bring Mozilla Home (Localization Sprint)
  • Everyone is a maker (Webmaker Sprint)
  • Personalize my mobile (App Dev / App Maker Sprint)
  • Hack into Mozilla (Code Sprint)
  • Pillars (SUMO Sprint)
  • Developers paradise (MDN /AMO Sprint)
  • Rooting the tree (Community Talk and community building)
Day 2 – (For all active Mozilla contributors/mentors)
  • Presentation on milestones achieved
  • Share your story with all
  • Overview of current and upcoming Mozilla projects
  • Project specific meetings & brainstorming
  • Plan for upcoming year
  • Build and promote mentor-mentee relationship
  • MCR Success party
Targets (tentative)
No of apps submitted – 10+
No of webmaker makes – 30+
No of app Maker Makes – 20+
No of Patches submitted – 5+
Firefox ambassador recruited – 30+
MDN articles created/edited – 10+
SUMO articles created/edited – 10+
Webmaker Mentor badges issued – 2
People involved – 150+
Volunteer application form Click Here
Feel free to contact us for any suggestions or queries.
+ Trishul (
+ Ram Dayal gurumukhi (
+ Osho Parth (

Managing user roles in yii

Now While starting with YII the first issue I faced was of user  roles,

The YII gives access rights directly on user names viz.

array(‘allow’, // allow admin user to perform ‘admin’ and ‘delete’ actions

So here admin is the user name not the role, so I just tried this work around.

First access userIdentity.php in protected/components


class UserIdentity extends CUserIdentity

private $_id;

public function authenticate()
else if(crypt($this->password,’rocker’)!=$user->password)
else if($user->privillege==’dsteam’){
else if($user->privillege==’contentwriter’){
return $this->errorCode==self::ERROR_NONE;

public function getId()
return $this->_id;


This will map the user from users table – username and privillege

Now in controller all we have to do is change accessRules function to

public function accessRules()
if(  $userRole ==”admin”)
$arr =array(‘create’,’add’,’update’,’moveBack’);
}else if(  $userRole ==”contentwriter”){
$arr = array(‘write’);
}else {
$arr = array(”);

return array(


Thats it !!!

MCR wingdings planning.

Just a month in hand

As we all know great things have planning behind it so today we(Osho, Ram, Trishul, Suthar, Adit, Dipesh  and Lavish) gathered online to plan for the upcoming event ” MCR ANNIVERSARY  2015″ one of the biggest event in history of Mozilla Community Rajasthan. The motto of this meeting was to discuss the distribution of the responsibilities and to create the to-do list. 
In this first of all Ram told us about the general things that need to kept in mind for the online meetings he  told us about the general format of online meetings. He also suggested the general format for the mega events. He was also a great helping hand for us in deciding the sessions that would be the part of that event.
Trishul acknowledged everyone about the various sessions that can be held regarding Firefox OS for the application development and codebase contribution for attendees.Ram gave add-on  information to us by his experience from the previous events.
Then everyone was given responsibilities about the various sessions to the volunteers in which they were suppose to submit the matrices about the milestones achieved and the upcoming goals for their communities.
A specific form was created and shared for the attendees where they could specify the contributions done by them and why should they be invited to the event. These responses would be evaluated by the various group leads in MCR and then they selected contributors would be invited for the ceremony where they can individually interact with the knowledgeable people.
Finally meeting was summarized with a slightly clear idea of the entire event and responsibilities.

More Details to Be discussed soon !!!!

Stay Tuned !! :)