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    Chandigarh SFD

    We (me and Kritika) got a chance to represent Mozilla on software freedom day at Panjab University, Chandigarh. Chandigarh is city beautiful and there have been several events before but still struggling to form a well shaped community there. So we planned to introduce Mozilla to students in most interactive way. We split our session…

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    All Hands 2016 London

    It all started with a talk which I attended just to kill sometime, and now 3 years after that here I am packing my bags to attend All Hands with the team I have been working with virtuallly, in the other corner of the world. Mozilla, 3 years back was just Firefox – The Browser…

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    Makerfest 2016

    One of the best opportunity to represent Mozilla at a place filled with innovative makers from all over India. 3 days Event 3000+ Attendees Age 10 years to 60 years It was a three day event where various makers have their booth setup to showcase their innovation. We too setup a booth to spread Mozilla…

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    enum Vs tinyInt

    Long story short ENUM is evil Premature optimization is the root of all evil. Very well put by Chris Komlenic. Sometimes we over optimize the database schema, as in in terms of data structures. generally we have a dilemma of using Tinyint or enum, while storing values in columns such as ‘status’, ‘isActive’, ‘isTrue’, etc….

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    Marketplace day Jaipur – Planning

    WHAT IT IS   Marketplace Day is a full day or over night event completely focused on code-contribution for Firefox Marketplace.  Marketplace Day Jaipur is an event being organized under a series of pilot events to come up with a concrete format of Marketplace Day events.  While  Mozilla India  task force meetup 2015, we introduced…

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    MCR SIGs – Special Interest Groups

    By now every one of us has a decent idea what exactly SIGs are (in case you want to know more click here) .  So today we are finalizing the proposed SIGs as follows: L10n SIG Webmaker SIG App Dev SIG SuMo SIG CodeBase SIG WoMoz SIG Engagement SIG (umbrella covering all mentors of SIG)…

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    Create Popups with just HTML, CSS, JS

    So for creating popups we have lots of Jquery tools/libraries such as Tinybox, bPopup etc. (More) But in case you just need to populate a single popup or create/design your popup something which is really painful using libraries. We can use very native method :

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    MozIgnite @ Bhatkal

    This was one of my first workshops in the south India region as an organizer-cum-speaker and also one of the most memorable one too. The department of computer Science and Information Science AITM, Bhatkal under its FOCI banner conducted the event Mozignite’15 on 4th and 5th of April 2015. It was first the event by…

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    KidzShine – followUp of MCR anniversary event

    In January we celebrated MCR anniversary, where several new volunteers joined our team. We trained them and had a clear agenda to spread the awesomeness. In this series very first response came from Jodhpur, where Veeksha Jain took the responsibility to arrange a maker party for school kids in Jodhpur. She prepared her team and…