Mozilla Dev Meetup @ Jaipur

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A small Dev-Meetup@Jaipur,

The plan was to share and gain the approaches and techniques for the APP development wiz HTML5, CSS3, JQM.


Agenda Included :

HTML5 – The real power of HTML5 was unveiled. Our HTML5 knowledge stack was updated with

  • In-browser Database – We all new that we have in browser database in HTML5 browsers, but the day we actually used it and tested it cross-browsers, also covered window.localStorage and window.sessionStorage tweaks. Ref :
  •  Various Input types which removed the necessity of validations mainly number, URL, email. The highlight to me was RANGE( woah HTML5 creates slider for U)
  • Geolocation – Getting your current location in terms of latitude and longitude

CSS3 – The CSS3 seriously somehow reduces basic requirement of JS, it provides an awesome UI itself. The tech stack included

  • Transforms – Awesomeness  of CSS3, various transforms as rotate, scale, matirx etc.
  • Transition – The smoothing element.
  • Keyframe Animation – This bowled me over, completely eliminating JS for continuous animations.

JQM - The marvelous tool for creating apps, adorned with en-numbered features, this equips a developer with ready to use elements like, list views, slide transitions, popups, dialog boxes, forms, etc. Ref :

And Finally master stroke to an awesome meet (required a sacrifice of a night)

FIND ME GOOGLE – A firefox app which tracks your current location and retrieves the nearest cafe, bar, hospital, mall, ATM etc. on google map. An Awesome GUI.


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