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This was one of my first workshops in the south India region as an organizer-cum-speaker and also one of the most memorable one too.

The department of computer Science and Information Science AITM, Bhatkal under its FOCI banner conducted the event Mozignite’15 on 4th and 5th of April 2015. It was first the event by Mozilla in the Mangaluru region. We (Trishul Goel, Abraar Sayeed, Sandesh Gade) traveled all the way from Bangalore to Bhatkal, to meet an extremely enthusiastic crowd.

The event initiated with welcoming Director, HOD, Vice principal and chief guest( yey thats ME :) ) . Then I explained the attendees what we are going to do in these 2 days and why  they need to attend this. Then Abraar explained them about open-source and Mozilla mission. Followed by Me explaining what is web and how one can get involved in web making using the webmaker tools. The attendees were readily participating in the session. And after the lunch break we moved to the labs, to get some hands on action.

In the labs we explained the different web maker tools (Thimble, Popcorn, X-Ray Goggles, AppMaker). And students actually started to remix the makes then and there.Just a snapshot of students efforts is here .

So we wrapped the day one with lot of energy for next day. Day 2 was for Appmaker. We started the session directly in the labs. And Students were damn excited about AppMaker. As they were actually going to make a web app. And they were literally overjoyed one they actually created and installed an APP. After lunch w explained various contribution verticals to them where they can actually start contributing to Mozilla (AoA, SUMO, L10n, Codebase etc.)

After this they management gave us vote of thanks and an unforgettable memento. And hence the workshop concluded with lots of hope and dreams.


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