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Mentoring Street hack 1.0 @ Delhi NCR

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In the UltraHack India chapter, Streethack – an Ultrahack prehack a 24hrs hackathon was organized at Invetopad Gurugram, from 21st – 22nd April.

Attendees ranged from 1st year students to working professionals, startup enthusiasts, etc. It was a well spent sleepless night among young budding developers, full of enthusiasm and energy.

There were given themes around which attendees were required to build something. Few of the themes were :

  • Forest in Finland/Helsinki
  • Event mobility
  • Smart City solution using AI
  • Space app solutions
  • Open theme

Attendees were free to choose the tech stack of their choice, hence there was awesome display of various technologies, we had projects on web based projects using pyhton/angular/PWAs/vanillaJS etc., then we had projects that used iot, rovers, motors etc, we also had projects on virtual reality etc. All in all we had mix of super awesome tech stack.

So after briefing all the necessary details and termsNconditions the hackathon started by approx 1:00 PM, the team brainstormed rigorously to put their minds together for final idea on which they would work. And they started woring, we had mentors if they need any help with technological blocker. And obviously we had unlimited supply of coffee and cookies to keep everyone on their feet :P .

We had few check points where the jury interacted with the teams and check if the team is on right track. I really liked this approach, bcoz that way we can give our inputs (obviously its upto teams to use that or not) so that they can build a better solution.

Few of the ideas which I personally liked:

  • Ground Assist(WINNER) – This team interpolated the forest data (provided via Ultrahack Finland), and produced a JSON, then they used this JSON to create a kibana dashboard where they displayed that data into beautiful charts/graphs along with necessary filters.
  • Walk of fame – This team created a tourist solution, where they provided with a virtual tour of the Helsinki forest tourist attraction, with different view according to the time of the day and weather conditions, which helps tourist to plan their trips accordingly
  • Berry Picker - (I am not sure about name though), this team created a rover that has robotic arm and can pick the berries from the trees, in addition this has various sensors like moisture, flame, temperature etc. which helps to keep check on health of trees and forest.
  • Message in bottle – (I am not sure about name though), this team created a AR solution, which lets user to create a bottle and throw it (tied to your current geo coordinates), when other user comes to that location he can find all thrown bottles in augmented reality.

List goes own we had as many as 17 teams with 17 unique and awesome projects.

Trust me it was really really hard to make a decision among all of the projects whom to select, but we had slot for only 1 winner so yes Ground Assist were the winner on Streethack 1.0 and along with prize they won an all paid trip to Finland to participate in Ultrahack Finland.

And yes the night for me was not complete sleepless, I managed to grab a corner and a power nap but I couldn’t manage to escape from the camera :(


This was a well organized Hackathon, thanks to the organizing team who made sure the attendees have to worry about only code and rest all was for organizers to take care.

Special thanks to participating organizations / investopad / Github / Mozilla

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