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Another blog update for meetup, phew… (even learning angularJS seems easier than this – Kidding…)

We (Mozilla @ Jaipur) now have some new talents (Pratish, Ayush, Netra, Ekta) who are excited and are capable to develop. Their love towards web/app development needs to be nurtured and guided. This meetup was solely to serve this purpose. Btw thanks to OSHO for arranging such an awesome place for the meetup Techonbyte (@ RAM do not worry we do not require funds it was just a favor :P )

Moz session by tsl

CSS, HTML, JS session

Trishul ( thats me m/__m/ ) took a basic CSS and JS-Jquery session which addressed the position elements, the placement  of HTML elements, the concept and uses of CSS classes. Various uses of Jquery to handle events and also handle css via Jquery were explained in this very session






mozRockerThe various tips were given to write a completely reUsable code, using HTML5 features(awesomeness redefined) such as DATA attributes, various tags as header, footer, section etc. In context of App development The code minimization was discussed ie. how to use HTML part as a reusable wrapper and fill the contents with help of JS-Jquery,  rather than creating en-numbered pages

Now we collected the challenges faced by each while they tried to develop any app or any website in past. Personally I felt each one has almost identical issues some css position (relative-absolute thing )issues, random Jquery syntax issues. We tried to resolve them and also to increase their understanding. I must say they are quick learner :)

Solving codes

Solving codes

We unanimously agreed to an idea that we should have small meetups (even to scale of just 2 heads) to increase their charm and popup new ideas, apps, web things… @ ADIT dude you are responsible for these meetups.

And to all web enthusiast, as a part of an proudly non profit organization I assure you all that optimum solution to any problem/obstacles, raised/faced by you in context to web development will be provided on highest priority level, because we all also got the same :)

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    Awesome guys :)

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