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MCR Wingdings

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Done with one of the biggest Mozilla event in Rajasthan MCR Wingdings. So it was a two day event and both days were more than awesome.










The day before the showDown was even memorable. All the Mozillians throughout the Rajasthan and few from Madhya Pradesh gathered to celebrate the MCR anniversary.

The day went gathering the attendees and preparations for the show Day.

We all were too excited and ideas were being poured from every nook and corner.

The day finally came 24th Januaury. The Mozillians gathered in the venue – Sheesha Lounge.

The day started with formal introduction of attendees and the volunteer. This specific event did not have any volunteer or rather I can quote it like “Every one was a volunteer”. As in every one has a specific task to complete. RAM explained the journey of Mozilla Community Rajasthan. Why we came together and what exactly we are projecting at. The attendees then gave an insight what they feel about MCR and what they are expecting. 


After a quick round of tea and snacks the sprints began.

The attendees took their positions and started the sprint. Parallel sprints idea was a hit. Parallel sprints helped us to save time and ensure the productivity.

IMG_20150124_164326 IMG_20150124_145804IMG_20150124_135116IMG_20150124_164416IMG_20150124_164524

By the end of the day with help of continuous efforts of all volunteers we wrapped up the event with handsome contributions.
Few are listed below


The webmaker_HI project moved from 83% to 98% completion .


45 Makes were made during the day including thimble, popcorn and appmaker. Best of which was of Bhavika and Alok (New Mozillian from Arya College)


More than 50 apps were demoed in the event (approx 30 of which were of MCR members :) ) The demos depicted various web technologies used in app-dev as Jquery Mobile, Indexed DB, JSON, Ajax, Camera APIs, vibration APIs etc. These demos gave users new horizons to experiment upon.

Inspired by these the attendees created and submitted 5 apps to the market place. Best of which was of Twinkle Chawla (New Mozillian from Arya College)


Ram and Rajrohit explained the version control system GIT & MERCURIAL, explained gaia and the deployment profiles.



IMG_20150124_175348Prachi (one of the most awesome womoz member of MCR) took the womoz session and explained the female attendees hat exactly is womoz and what is its significance. Prachi explained her and her womoz team journey and achievements.

Finally came time for some swag and prize distribution.


Raspberry PI and Arduino

Yes we also had an awesome demonstration of Raspberry PI and Arduino. All thanks to our junior champ Dipesh Monga. He explained all about the mini computer and also demoed the led control by arduino.


With his our day 1 came to end.


Day 2 started at 12:00 Am 25th January (Yes HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MCR)


Now the whole night went into celebrations and chitchat.

The day started with quick round of discussions and planning for the new year.

We got an overwhelming response from MITS volunteers, Bits Pilani volunteers, and other colleges from and near Jaipur. We shared all the success stories and all the hurdles faced by us in the year. We can actually feel that the bar has been raised and we had new stones to turn.










We had planned various events and workshops in this year on the day 2.

In addition on the MCR anniversary Mozilla gifted one more REP to MCR => OSHO PARTH (Much awaited and much deserving).

And after the discussions and Q n A again celebration time.

Thank You

Special thanks to Faye Tandog(My awesome mentor  \o/ ) and Emma Irwin.



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