MCR wingdings – why you should attend

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After an intensive discussion and round of google hangouts, the action plan has been finalized for the event.

This will be a metrices driven event. In simple words there are only two agendas of this event

  • Complete the mentioned metrices
  • Celebrate the Anniversary

This event will let the attendees to gain keen knowledge of different contribution verticals of Mozilla by the people who are already expert in respective zone.

The attendees will have complete freedom to experiment, explore and know each and every Mozilla project. They will have people who can clear their doubts and explain any and everything in the best possible way.

The attendees will start contributing then and there amidst number of fellow Mozilians and mentors.

This event will unite all the Mozillians throughout the region and will bind them to a single cause DO GOOD.

By the end of session each attendee will gain enough knowledge which will make him/her ready to spread the web literacy and awesomeness.

This event will surely make a big mark in history of MCR, make sure you are one of the reason for it :)

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