MCR wingdings planning.

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Just a month in hand

As we all know great things have planning behind it so today we(Osho, Ram, Trishul, Suthar, Adit, Dipesh  and Lavish) gathered online to plan for the upcoming event ” MCR ANNIVERSARY  2015″ one of the biggest event in history of Mozilla Community Rajasthan. The motto of this meeting was to discuss the distribution of the responsibilities and to create the to-do list. 
In this first of all Ram told us about the general things that need to kept in mind for the online meetings he  told us about the general format of online meetings. He also suggested the general format for the mega events. He was also a great helping hand for us in deciding the sessions that would be the part of that event.
Trishul acknowledged everyone about the various sessions that can be held regarding Firefox OS for the application development and codebase contribution for attendees.Ram gave add-on  information to us by his experience from the previous events.
Then everyone was given responsibilities about the various sessions to the volunteers in which they were suppose to submit the matrices about the milestones achieved and the upcoming goals for their communities.
A specific form was created and shared for the attendees where they could specify the contributions done by them and why should they be invited to the event. These responses would be evaluated by the various group leads in MCR and then they selected contributors would be invited for the ceremony where they can individually interact with the knowledgeable people.
Finally meeting was summarized with a slightly clear idea of the entire event and responsibilities.

More Details to Be discussed soon !!!!

Stay Tuned !! :)

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