MCR SIGs – Special Interest Groups

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By now every one of us has a decent idea what exactly SIGs are (in case you want to know more click here) .  So today we are finalizing the proposed SIGs as follows:

  • L10n SIG
  • Webmaker SIG
  • App Dev SIG
  • SuMo SIG
  • CodeBase SIG
  • WoMoz SIG
  • Engagement SIG (umbrella covering all mentors of SIG)

Various SIGs have been proposed, and very common SIG requested was of community building. So instead of creating a new SIG we propose Engagement SIG  which comprises of mentors of all other SIG.

So these are the SIGs which will help, track, promote the contributions in their respective areas. Each SIG will have one or more mentors who will be having following responsibilities and privileges.


  • Engaging more and more contributors
  • Assisting them in case of any issues.
  • Pass them all necessary information and aware mentees about all opportunities
  • Track the progress of their mentees and eventually help them to get proper recognition.
  • Documenting the progress.
  • Awarding the deserving mentee with proper recognition monthly.


  • Eligible for a cool SIG Mentor T-Shirt (the first thing came in my mind :P)
  • Special recognition as mentor on various channels.
  • Member of the Engagement SIG
  • Can request swags/budget and  respective rep will avail them (subject to several conditions).
  • And yes few more surprises !!!

By the end of this week we will be having our very first SIG mentors. To be one of them fill the form here.

PS : The only eligibility required to be a SIG mentor is one should be a mozillian contributor (in any vertical).

In case of any further query feel free to ping

Trishul []

Ram []

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