MCR Anniversary 2015 – first look

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Mozilla Community Rajasthan has been contributing to Mozilla enormously and with each upcoming day MCR has been growing. Previously we crossed a milestone in MiniCamp Jaipur and now we are aspiring to raise the bar for ourselves. This  event will bring together all the current contributors in the region and nearby places where they can share their stories, problems, achievements and yes contribute then and there itself. Along with current contributors we are also inviting all those who are interested to know about Mozilla, and looking forward to on board many new contributors in this event.

The MCR Wingdings mainly focuses on .. Celebration, Growth, Contribution & Planning.

  • Its time to celebrate with a bang :
    ‘Time to appreciate the work done by the community in last year.’
    We will be celebrating the successful completion of first year of Mozilla Community Rajasthan. It will be the time to meet all awesome people with whom you worked in last year, share your stories, learn from them, teach them & have lot of fun. We will look back in the last year and see what all good work we did, and appreciate all the community members.
    Along with this we will also be celebrating the successful launch of Firefox OS in India. We are already working on a huge Firefox OS Awareness campaign in Rajasthan ( & in January this campaign will in on its peak, and a special attraction of this event.
  • Time to grow even bigger :
    ‘Time to bring all experts under one roof, so that newbies can learn & get inspired.’
    We keep on-boarding new members throughout the year, and in this event too we have something special for all newbies. In the event, we are expecting to on-board many new contributors. This event will have special sessions for all newbies. We will brief them about all the contributions verticals, we will let them meet all cool people from whom they can learn a lot & get motivated. With this event we want to increase our community’s strength by giving responsibilities to the next generation people.
  • Time for Sprint of Sprints :
        Time to open the Terminal – “Doing good is part of our code”
         This event is not just to celebrate what we did in last year, this is also to show that we are gonna do much more work this year, and this event itself will be a great time to kick start the great work. We will arrange various sprints, including night-long event, to kick start the contributions in new year and in a nutshell what we are aiming to achieve is at least 10% of previous year contributions in two days itself.
  • Keep doing the awesome work : 
        ‘Time to plan another awesome year, lets make great action plans for this year.’
        This event is not just to celebrate what we did in last year, this is also make sure that we do much more work this year. We will have lot of brainstorming sessions to make more impact. Mentors & contributors of different contribution verticals will share their experience and we will make the action plans for this year.
Tentative Schedule
Day 1 – 
Sessions for all attendees
  • Welcome session
  • Open Source Session
  • Mozilla, its Mission, Products & Community
  • How to contribute in Open Source Projects
  • Firefox OS **
  • Get involved in FSA Program **
  • QA Session
Sprint time (Parallel sprints)
  • Bring Mozilla Home (Localization Sprint)
  • Everyone is a maker (Webmaker Sprint)
  • Personalize my mobile (App Dev / App Maker Sprint)
  • Hack into Mozilla (Code Sprint)
  • Pillars (SUMO Sprint)
  • Developers paradise (MDN /AMO Sprint)
  • Rooting the tree (Community Talk and community building)
Day 2 – (For all active Mozilla contributors/mentors)
  • Presentation on milestones achieved
  • Share your story with all
  • Overview of current and upcoming Mozilla projects
  • Project specific meetings & brainstorming
  • Plan for upcoming year
  • Build and promote mentor-mentee relationship
  • MCR Success party
Targets (tentative)
No of apps submitted – 10+
No of webmaker makes – 30+
No of app Maker Makes – 20+
No of Patches submitted – 5+
Firefox ambassador recruited – 30+
MDN articles created/edited – 10+
SUMO articles created/edited – 10+
Webmaker Mentor badges issued – 2
People involved – 150+
Volunteer application form Click Here
Feel free to contact us for any suggestions or queries.
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