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Marketplace day Jaipur – Planning

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  • Marketplace Day is a full day or over night event completely focused on code-contribution for Firefox Marketplace. 

  • Marketplace Day Jaipur is an event being organized under a series of pilot events to come up with a concrete format of Marketplace Day events. 

While  Mozilla India  task force meetup 2015, we introduced Market Place  Taskforce. The primary agenda of this taskforce is to promote  marketplace and add more and more contributors for the same. In this  flow we will be organizing marketplace days in various regions of  India, so to start with we are moving to MCR which comprises of  enthusiastic contributors.


The MCR has been proving its potential right from its birth and this event will surely give them another level to their contributions. The marketplace contributions are still in a nascent stage and this event will surely boost up the contributions and help the contributors to kick  start contributions to marketplace instantly.


* Anyone who is interested to join The Awesome Firefox Marketplace Community.
* We will cover lot of things which are pre-requisite for code-base contribution to open source projects. So if you are looking for getting started with code-base contribution, this is the best chance :)
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