Makerfest 2016

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One of the best opportunity to represent Mozilla at a place filled with innovative makers from all over India.

3 days Event

3000+ Attendees

Age 10 years to 60 years

It was a three day event where various makers have their booth setup to showcase their innovation. We too setup a booth to spread Mozilla mission and online privacy. We team of eight, from various part of India, never met before were jelled up as we have been together for long. With the booth setup we were ready for the event.

Day 1 –


The event started with few people visiting random stalls. Then came the groups of school students – super curious, super excited. While visiting various stalls they were amazed to learn many new things. On our stall they spent the most time as they learnt things about internet- their basic need . we explained them about open source, online privacy, how they are being tracked, best measures to ensure their online privacy, etc.

To our surprise we even got privacy tips from the attendees. And we dedicated a complete section on “Ahmedabad on Privacy”. In addition to that we even got suggestions for Firefox browser.


When the day ended we were satisfied but exhausted. But yes Ahmedabad has got a lot to feed and entertain us.

Day 2 –

Once we were done with booth setup, we got a huge crowd from regional colleges, everybody was bowled over by LIGHTBEAM and the tracking protection. We actually show them the tracking done on two different bank sites and tweeted about them, and to our very surprise , the banks tweeted us back with promise to take care of their trackers.









The attendees loved to know about PASSPHRASES and few of them changed their passwords to passphrases right on the spot (reason we almost decoded their passwords by social engineering :P )

And yes they loved the privacy window.


We also got various invitations to start a club in different colleges as there is no Mozilla community in Gujarat.

Again the day ended but again there was something to repeat “Sabarmati River Front”

Day 3-

The final day, now we engaged 6 of us on booth and kept 2 in buffer who can visit all the booths and learn something.


There were various booths and doing amazing stuff.

  • A kid of 6 years coding for aurdino – making drones and robots (Yes 6  years – Saarang from Kerela)
  • Automated chess (Where the coins actually move on board as the computer plays)-
  • A neural gadget which actually track your hand movements and replicat it on computer (basically IRON MAN) –
  • A fun and practical way of learning and teaching physics –
  • A universal remote controlled by your mobile –
  • A women group doing awesome stuff with 3d printers (Jwellery, show pieces, future plan to make bio cells YES bio cells )-
  • Booth for learning quilling
  • Many variations of 3D printers.

The list goes on.

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With this I will end the story here and Kudos to the Mozilla team –

Kumaresan Subash (Saat smundar Par)

Prathamesh Chawan (Nice Teets)

Aman Sehgal (Segway segway)

Ankit Mehta (Give away every swag – moving to Australia)

Sanjay Gouri (The chamatkari purush – enough said :P )

Mehul Patel (The rockstar – only for specific gender )

Ashish Mishra (the designer)

Kamlesh Vilpura (the surprise package)

Thanks to Ashish who instantaneously drew all the posters which actually helped us a lot to deliver the content in best way possible.

A special thanks to Kamalesh who actually captured all the moments in his phone.

And yes the backend person – Santosh Vishwanathan,

Love to see more pics ? Click here


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