KidzShine – followUp of MCR anniversary event

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In January we celebrated MCR anniversary, where several new volunteers joined our team. We trained them and had a clear agenda to spread the awesomeness.

20150401092533(1)In this series very first response came from Jodhpur, where Veeksha Jain took the responsibility to arrange a maker party for school kids in Jodhpur. She prepared her team and coordinated with the school which readily welcomed them.

The dates were finalized and arrangements were made.

On the day filled with enthusiasm our team went to the venue and started the session. The kids were overjoyed by the session where our team explained them what exactly web is and how to be a webmaker.

The kids were actively participating in the session and grasping the given knowledge. The kids even tried their hands on the webmaker tools. And they actually loved the popcorn \o/ .20150401092536

So now the time was for question and answers, in which kids shot all their queries which obviously included, when will be the next workshop :) Also we were surprised to know that actually students know about Firefox OS and then our team demoed the devices.

And yes this was followed by swag distribution and official closing ceremony of the event.

Kids giving their shot on the webmaker tools

Kids giving their shot on the webmaker tools










Our team then left the place leaving back kids filled with confidence and enthusiasm.


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