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Playing at homeground – thrilled…

Falling short of words to explain how we (Trishul n Osho) felt standing on the other side of table addressing 40 students, where we used to sit and learn. Feeling nervous-cum-excited we commenced the workshop with a formal introduction (with our official juniors :) ).

Trishul-UORThen followed the App-Dev session – the attendees were simply surprised by the ease of app building with Firefox. HTML, CSS and JS were very familiar names, technologies which they already excelled and with a drop of manifest.webapp (added by Osho) they were already transformed from web developer to an app developer and this overjoyed them.

trishul-uorTrishul then explained them the awesome HTML5 and CSS3 elements like, various input types, CSS3 transitions, CSS3 transforms, also briefed them about in-browser databases. I must say the crowd we got was too enthusiastic and readily adapting the technology. The firebug tool just thrilled them and enhanced their strength.

Now after an hour of session now the time was for hands-on-Firefox. Now this was the time for us to get bowled over. Each and every one created a web-app on the idea provided (which was finally converted to a Firefox app) and earned the SWAGS from Mozilla.

osho Parth

Surbhi Bhargava


Ashish Khandelwal

Finally Osho explained them various support verticals in which they can contribute to Mozilla, like AoA, SuMo, Bugzilla etc. Hoping to see new contributors for Mozilla :) .

Just to add-in, we also introduced Cordova and explained them that how can they port their webapps to app for android, firefox, Windows, etc. The idea of white labeling (code once, replicate to many) just mesmerized them.

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