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How to publish addon on aka AMO

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I got lots of this query, like hey I have developed the addon and working on my local machine, now how to distribute it, how to publish it?
Its really a piece of cake, so here we go.

Step 1 -Step1
Zip all the source files (heads up do not zip the folder but the files, when compiler unzips file, it should get manifest.json on root).

Step 2 – Step-2
Navigate to, if not logged in please login first, (or if not registered, first register). Once you click on your name you will get dropdown list, select “Submit a new Add-on”.

Step 3 – Step-3
On this screen you have 2 option
1. Deploy on AMO – your addon will be listed on AMO
2. Host on your website – it will be signed and be downloaded. You can host it on your website or distribute any other way.
Please choose accordingly.

Step 4 – Step-4
Select your zip file.

Step 5 – Step-5
Once file is uploaded, it will pass through automated tests, if it receives any error you need to rectify it and re upload the zip, warnings can be neglected (but you should fix them for better code and better performance). You can select platforms on which you want your addon to be availed (All/linux/mac/windows/android)

Step 6 – Step-6
Addon by default gets description and name from manifest.json file, but on this screen you can change it, also you can select few more options for better visibility on AMO listing. Also you can choose UR slug for your addon.
Here you can write any notes for the reviewers to consider(this will not be public), you can leave it blank if you don’t want any more description.
Click submit and you are done. CONGRATULATIONS, you submitted your first addon.

Note – with webextensions, the review time has gone significantly down, like from days to minutes. It will be available on AMO within minutes, but it will be again manually reviewed by Addon-reviewers, if they find any errors/malicious code, they will delist addon and ask for resubmission.

Whewwww, long post. In case you need any more help, feel free to tweet @trishulgoel.


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