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We (me and Kritika) got a chance to represent Mozilla on software freedom day at Panjab University, Chandigarh. Chandigarh is city beautiful and there have been several events before but still struggling to form a well shaped community there.

So we planned to introduce Mozilla to students in most interactive way. We split our session into 4 major parts.

  1. Mozilla and its Mission – Kritika
  2. Contributions – how and why – Trishul [slide]
  3. Moz VR – Kritika
  4. Web compatibility – Trishul [slide]


So I must acknowledge that it was quite hectic and random for me. I drove from Delhi to Chandigarh and reached there by 11 and I have to deliver talk at 2:00 PM. But the enthusiasm in the attendees charged me up like anything.

We delivered the content along with few Ice breakers Like (Free Applaud, Rule of Seven) and it worked liked charm, attendees got loosened up and the mode of session changed from talk to conversation. The attendees could actually relate to us and were super excited to know about Virtual reality and web compat, some of the attendees actually filed few bugs on the spot on \o/

By end of the session we were flocked by the queries how to get started with Mozilla and be a volunteer for Mozilla. So we are planning to setup a Mozilla Club soon in the Panjab University and can mark the initiation of Mozilla Chapter in Panjab university.

So yeah after wrapping up the event we searched for best chicken in the town and had some “Sundar Khana” :P cc-Tanish. And then somehow wanderlust struck me (as usual) and next day I left for Kasauli.


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