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App dev – new passion for Mozillians

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So what can be worth of a Sundae –

  • a movie
  • an outing with friends
  • sleeping (my personal favorite :) )

But the love towards technology, development and self build-up drags each and every one of us to a common platform APP-Dev (our new Sundae-feast , new passion for Mozillians).

By each upcoming day the phenomenal effort is given as input by each which ultimately results in form of awesome apps. The idea is not to flood with random pieces but to produce marvel: in terms of UI, in terms of code.

Now our focus is not only on UI elements but also on quality of code. We believe Code to impress . Rather than writing complex-large-code we are trying to minimize and optimize the code.

Every new meetup updates our knowledge stack with


  • new ideas – from each and every one
  • new technologies – pros and cons of technologies and which should be used and when.
  • new  motivation – each meetup fills positivity and incline all of us towards app dev
  • new APP – for sure !!!


And last but not the least these meetups pumps up the community bonding and leads towards a stable growth of everyone.

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