All Hands 2016 London

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It all started with a talk which I attended just to kill sometime, and now 3 years after that here I am packing my bags to attend All Hands with the team I have been working with virtuallly, in the other corner of the world.
Mozilla, 3 years back was just Firefox – The Browser for me, but gradually it turned out to be a mission of which I am a part. I can proudly say I owe my knowledge, my career, my vision to Mozilla. When I started to get involved with mozilla I not only started contribution to open source but to my life as well. Its a journey from no one to someone.
I started my contributions with SUMO, L10n, but app development was something that always tempted me. I started as an app developer for Firefox OS, then became app-reviewer, i also coded for markeplace and eventualy became code mentor for the same. While I attended All hands – dec -2016, I got the to know about discontinuation of Firefox OS for smartphones. I was literally in state of shock.
But then I realized that it is not the end. I shifted my contributions to addons and a new found project Web Compat. Now these two projects has much to keep me occupied. And working with the team is really like grooming yourself.
Hoping that this Allhands will surely help to take my journey with Mozilla to a new level.

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