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Addons talk @ IGDTUW, Delhi

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IGDTUW - Mozilla

This is straight third year, I am giving talk on a day before my birthday :P
This time I gave a talk on how to get started with webextensions at  Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, Delhi.
There were ~70 attendees who were enthusiastic to learn something new and were happy to spend their Saturday for enhancing their skill set.

I started the workshop with cliche slides: what is addon, why webextensiosn, stats etc. Then once I have bored enough the audience, I started with the actual code part. I live coded borderify webextension along with attendees. Exactly after an hour from start of session, the attendees were already flaunting red borders on Mozilla website via Borderify addon.
Then I showed them how to port same extension to chrome and they were shocked. Same code worked on chrome like a charm. Having them excited I moved to demo of word count addon and walked them through each line of code. I shared my github repo with sample addons so as to get the reference.
By end of session I have attendees with ideas and aim to create some useful addons by themselves.

Thanks To @shivani and @tanyaVedi for organizing the event :)

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