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Addons Day Delhi

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A Saturday well spent!

I mentored a full day Addon workshop @ NIEC, Delhi. The event was organized by the IT department of the college in collaboration with IEEE team from the college.

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Pushpita started the day by explaining students about Mozilla mission and why contribute to Mozilla. Also she gave a brief overview about #mozActivate. When I entered the auditorium, I saw a crowd of students pretty curious about the session, it took me half an hour to make the session interactive and bring the attendees to their comfort level. I asked various questions to students around javascript and other languages and I found most of them were very new to javascript.


I took half an hour session of Javascript, so that JS doesnt sound alien to them. Then I explained them about Webextensions, why we moved from SDK to webextensions, students loved the concept of portability. I demoed them how does the same code runs seamlessly as Firefox extension as well as Chrome extension. This for sure raised the interest of the students.

After explaining Anatomy of extensions, I asked students to get started with their first extension. Within minutes everyone was ready with their first addon(borderify) .

I explained them various webextensions API, and how they can use them to modify functionalities of the browser, students were pretty enthusiastic to know the ease of development. Then on request of students I demoed some of my addons and as usual “Board” was superhit :)

We ended the workshop with idea collection from students and what next. We got many ideas, students were pushing their thoughts :) one of the idea which I really liked was following:

An Addon to make user profiles (open set of webpages that user uses), the catch is addon will use facial recognition, YES, you sit infront of your browser and it will open your preference pages \0/

What Next – I asked students they can hack on legacy featured addons from AMO, that way we will not face issues in FF57 where legacy addons will be discontinued.

Also many Mozillians from Delhi attended this event, we chatted over current advancements and about community building. And I got invites from few other colleges for addons session too B)


All in all super awesome crowd, super awesome response, weel spent Saturday :)

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