• Mozilla

    MCR Anniversary 2015 – first look

    Mozilla Community Rajasthan has been contributing to Mozilla enormously and with each upcoming day MCR has been growing. Previously we crossed a milestone in MiniCamp Jaipur and now we are aspiring to raise the bar for ourselves. This  event will bring together all the current contributors in the region and nearby places where they can…

  • PHP

    Managing user roles in yii

    Now While starting with YII the first issue I faced was of user  roles, The YII gives access rights directly on user names viz. array(‘allow’, // allow admin user to perform ‘admin’ and ‘delete’ actions ‘actions’=>array(‘create’,’Admin’,’Add’), ‘users’=>array(‘admin’), ), So here admin is the user name not the role, so I just tried this work around….

  • Mozilla

    MCR wingdings planning.

    Just a month in hand As we all know great things have planning behind it so today we(Osho, Ram, Trishul, Suthar, Adit, Dipesh  and Lavish) gathered online to plan for the upcoming event ” MCR ANNIVERSARY  2015″ one of the biggest event in history of Mozilla Community Rajasthan. The motto of this meeting was to…